Free software to capture rounded corners and Aero semi-transparent Windows

Snag It has been a favorite among bloggers for taking screen shots. One problem with Snag-It is when you take screen-shots of a  Window which is semi-trasnparent with rounded corners thanks to Aero; the results are not as good as you might want them to be. I came across 7Capture a screen capture software which deals with semi-transparent windows with rounded corners in a much more appreciable way.

Here is an image below of the same window screen-shot taken with Snag-It and 7Capture.


About 7 Capture

  • You can download 7Capture from here.
  • It works fine with Windows 7, Vista and XP. It is meant only for Windows platform. It us mainly useful for rounded corners and neutralizing transparency in a Window. So I don’t think it is much use of people without Aero features.
  • I compared 7Captrue with Snag It for the corners; 7Capture is not a great image editing tool which Snag-It surely is. Snag-It is a paid software which 7Capture is not; so comparison is unfair.
  • The one thing I did not like with 7Capture is it has absolutely no editing features. Which means after you save the file on your computer; you end up using the image with another editor.

Try it out of you want to takes screen-shots which are almost as good as they can be seen on your desktop; let me know what you think about 7Capture.

Link: 7 Capture


Akshay Kakkar February 10, 2010

A better Option : Just place a notepad window behind the window while taking the screen shot. Its done without any software!

price in india February 10, 2010

This looks promising to capture screen.

Wallace February 11, 2010

i prefer the ScreenHunter 5.1 Free, it’s also a freeware and you can capture anywhere you want.

Ben l Awesome Wallpapers February 13, 2010

I use a mix of Zscreen and snagit. What I like about Zscreen is that it perfectly captures vista active windows and adds drop shadow. Here is an example: