4 Google Chrome Extensions To Take Webpage Screenshots

Update: This post might have some some extensions which are old and not available. Look up an updated list of Chrome Extensions for Screen-shots here.

Taking screenshot of a web page has become very easy, thanks to the  available snapshot utilities, some of them we mentioned in one of our  posts 5 free screen capture/recorder softwares for bloggers. To make it even easier, we discovered a few extensions for google chrome.

These extensions help you to capture a screen, from your browser itself! sounds good? Wait! this isnt the limit. Some of these Extensions come with the ability to edit the captured image, eliminating the need of external utilities to capture screenshots of web pages.

1. Aviary Screen Capture PNG image


Aviary screen capture is full of options. It provides you with all the features, that any desktop image capturing and editing utility can have. You can edit the captured image and save it on your system, or upload it on web. The editor has many options that not only include resize, rotate, flip and add visuall graphics but, also allow you to add effects to the captured image. This extension is my personal favourite extension!


aviary options list aviary-editor

Download and install this extension from here- Aviary Screen Capture.

2. ScreenshotJPG image


A simple Screen capturing extension that opens the captured image in a new tab and by right clicking the image, you can save it to the desired location. Since you are capturing the web page, so it will not capture menu bar or url menu in the screenshot.


screenshot extension

Download and install this extension from here- Screenshot.


3. CheezeJPG image

Displays the screenshot in  the dropdown pop window, with an option to open the image in a new tab to save it. As with the above extension, this extenson does not capture url bar, or menu bar. It creates a neat screenshot of the visible webpage.


cheze extension

Download and install this extension from here- Cheeze.


4. Webpage ScreenshotPNG image

All the extensions mentioned above provide a screenshot of the visible portion of the loaded website. Here is an extension that allows you to take screenshot of complete webpage, with auto-scrolling. When capturing a webpage, you are provided three options-

  • Take a visible screenshot or, all page screenshot.
  • Resize window before capturing(width and height input allowed).
  • Change header and footer.

This extension also works offline.

webpage screenshot extension webpage extension screenshot

Download and install this extension from here- Webpage Screenshot.

Do you use any of these extensions? Let us know!

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