Free software to flip and rotate videos

The other day I was trying to figure out good software applications to use with my computer for formatting some home videos. Some of these were not really shot with a proper camera but with a mobile phone camera and one of the key problems was someone had held the phone upside down. At places the camera was held at an odd angle and even though I wanted to compile them all together they were too hap-hazard for my comfort.

In such cases it would be great to use software which flips or rotates the video and that is what I came across online. Guess what? Its free! 🙂

About Free Video Flip and Rotate

  • The software allows video to be flipped or rotated with a single click of the mouse.
  • It has predefined presets which allow rotation by 90 degrees both clockwise and counter clockwise. It also allows for the 180 degrees rotate.
  • The software works on Windows platform and is supported but XP, Vista and Windows 7.

This software is a boon and now I will be able to use it to flip and rotate any video I might have recorded thanks to holding the camera upside down or sideways.

If you are interested in video formats you might want to check out our tutorial on how to convert video format for free and also how to extract audio from video.

Do try out the software and let me know through your comments your views on it.

Link: Free Video Flip and Rotate


chandrashekhar April 12, 2010

Hi Aditya….Nice tool yaar.This tool allows easy rotation of videos.

Aditya Kane April 12, 2010

Yes Chandrashekhar, It is indeed a nice tool and presets are fantastic and make it child’s play to use the software.

Manpreet Singh Rehsi April 12, 2010

This is a great tool. Make’s rotating video a child’s play.

roshan May 19, 2010

thanks for dis it was very helpful for me.

Andrew April 10, 2011

The software is great, however, once done, the video was greatly speeded up! Is there a way to rotate it so that it would show at normal speed? Am I doing something wrong?