Gautam Gupta Wins at Google Code-in Second Time in a Row!

Early in 2011, we wrote a post congratulating one of our  guest blogger Gautam Gupta on being ranked 5th in the Google Code-in 2010 competition. As a prize he got $500, a cool t-shirt and most importantly a chance visit Google’s Mountain view Headquarters.

Guess what? Gautam has done it again and featured as a winner again for Google Code-in 2011. This time too he has won the opportunity to travel to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, where he will get to meet Google engineers.

What is Google Code-in?

Google_code_in2011Google Code-in (GCI) is a project that encourages pre-university students ( age 13-17) to take part in coding on open-source projects. This year 542 students took part and completed 3054 tasks. The top 10 winners (which includes Gautam) completed 447 tasks.

Once again a big Congratulations from everyone at Devils’ Workshop to Gautam Gupta.

You can read Gautam’s thoughts on Google Code-in 2011 here.

Link: Google Code-In 2011

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  1. Thanks a lot Devils’ Workshop & all the people! I’ve had, I’m having and I’ll keep having an awesome experience on this blog. Keep rocking. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Gautam, I don’t know you personally but I really feels proud when students from India get achievements in computer field., you guys keep me inspired about what I do.

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