Tag Printed Documents with QR Code to Download Them on Mobile Platforms

Imagine someone was reading a document I created which was printed out. Later if they wanted a virtual version of it they simply scan the QR code printed on the document and download the soft-copy on their mobile phones. That is exactly what TagMyDocs allows users to do.

Just visit TagMyDoc.com and upload your document which you want tagged. It will created a version for your to download with the tag that can be printed out. It also gives users the option of sharing URLs which can be shared on social media or email.


TagMyDocs Features

  • The service is free and can be used without registering for an account.
  • If you do register for an account, you can choose where the tag appears on the document.
  • I found out that one can also protect their documents using a password.
  • It is available for use as Apps on iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Android.

Here is a nice video about what exactly TagMyDoc does

With a lot of reading done on tablet devices it might be a good idea to give tag your documents with a QR code.

Do try out TagMyDoc and drop in your comments.

Link: TagMyDoc