Get a productive start page for Chrome

Get a productive start page for Chrome with Incredible Start Page extension which shows bookmarks and history neatly along with a feature to create reminder notes on the browser

If Chrome is your first choice as a browser then this extension will be quite useful. Many of us who work online have many tricks to try to make every minute spent online productive. This means trying to keep a track on spending too much time on social networking websites. Another tip is also to organize our desktop to be more productive.

Incredible Start Page is a Chrome extension which makes your Chrome browsers start page very organized and productive.

About Incredible State Page for Chrome

  • Once you install the extension the new start page looks a bit like the image above. It shows recent bookmarks in a more cleaner way.
  • Another great part is viewing Bookmarks according to folders which are neatly tucked one under the other in a display area to the left. It also displays history in another box to the left had side.
  • Finally the best part of this start page extension is the option of writing down notes. These notes can serve as a reminder for the next day when you open your browser. This note can also be sent by Gmail through a link on the page.

I am using this extension for a couple of days and I quite like the new start up page. It is simple and not too complicated to many features all packed in. Do try out this extension and write in your comments with any similar tips you have with other browsers.

Link: Incredible State Page for Chrome


Chethan May 7, 2010

Thanks. we could make most out of homepage in chrome with this technique

Saeed Shahab May 8, 2010

This is great extension. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can do the best with Chrome. Personally, I hated Chrome 3 due to Aw, Snap! crashes and it was Chrome 4 and extensions which pulled me back to Chrome.