Find how much time you spend on a website while using Chrome

I have written a lot about Chrome as a great browser previously and I like it for its speed and simplicity. No toolbar or too many icons. All neatly tucked in, Chrome is my favorite browser. This means I end up doing my internet surfing with Chrome. Most times I use Facebook, Email and Reader through Chrome so I thought it would be nice to track how much time I spend on which website to give me a better idea of my productivity while online.

With a Chrome extension which I came across on Lifehacker, called RescueTime you can monitor the time you spend on all websites with while using the Chrome browser.

About Rescue Time

  • This extension monitors all usage on Chrome browser and gives you the amount of time you spend on websites and also categorized websites. Some of these categories are Social Networking, Emai etc.
  • I liked the graphical representation of the data as it gives a clear and simple snap shot of your productivity while you are online.
  • The icon appears on the right hand top corner next to the address bar of Chrome. Clicking on it can give you some details of the tracking. Getting a comprehensive reports is good.

I have installed this Rescue Time with Chrome and it will interesting to see results after a couple of days of usage. I like this as it will really give me new insights into how to make better usage of my time online. 😛 I can see this extension being a favorite of mine just like Site Meterz which I use to get stats of websites I visit on Chrome.

Download Rescue Time for Chrome and drop in your comments here to let me know what you liked or disliked about it.

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Manali S May 15, 2010

Ooh, interesting tool. Should be fun to use 🙂