Get a WordPress Blog Without Any Paid Domain!

Most if us agree that WordPress is the best blogging platform. But to enjoy complete power of wordpress, you should host it on your own. For hosting a WordPress blog you need a good hosting service with PHP and SQL database enabled.  I prefer 000WebHost. So let’s get started with a 5 minute installation

  • Register with 000WebHost
  • Download the latest stable version of WordPress. I prefer you to use the link given here because I had made some changes (deleted unnecessary files).
  • Now create a SQL database and an user and choose your password from your hosting server.
  • Extract the contents to a folder and open wp-config-sample.php in the notepad.


  • Edit the marked places(4 areas) with your database details.
  • Now save the file as wp-config.php. Dont over write wp-config-sample.php.
  • Now upload the downloaded .zip file to the server and unzip it.
  • Now upload the wp-config.php file.
  • Now, run the file “http://your-site-address/wp-admin/install.php”
  • Now you will receive your admin username and password.

Now the whole process is finished. So start blogging and install your favorite themes and plugins… 🙂

If you have any queries use the comment form. Enjoy… 🙂

Links : Sign Up with 000WebHost | Download WordPress

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9 replies on “Get a WordPress Blog Without Any Paid Domain!”

  1. Hi Arjun!

    I would praise your efforts for making changes in WP distribution. But, I am clueless why are your suggesting that host.

    There are several other POPLULAR hosts ….. like freehostia ….etc + the URL you supplied contains 106764.html .. what is that :?)

  2. @ ArpitNext

    You can refer your personal hosts..

    but i prefer this because it is easy to set up and also the URL is short as well..

    106764.html—-> This is my ref ID

  3. My Avast Antivirus blocks the ip_confirm.exe download page while registering at 000webhost.Should I ignore the warning? or is the page really infected?

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