Get Android Without Mobile [Completely Legal]

Inspite of Appreciation from Developers, Users and Reviewers Google Android is way behind Windows Mobile and Symbian Mobile Operating System.

In order to increase it’s awareness Google is providing LiveCD and USB Versions for Free Download. These versions of Android also support Virtualization Technology.

This can serve as an excellent tool for Developers who are interested in Programming softwares for Android. It also is good enough for those enthusiast who want to review it, without spending extra bucks.

You don’t need to be an expert to install it, Just 5 Steps or say 10 min (Downloading time Not Included) for LiveCD Purposes and 8 Steps or 30 Minutes (Download Time Not Included) for using it through Virtualization.

Personally, I would recommend using Virtualization, because you don’t have to reboot again and again to switch between your Windows/OS and Android.

Do Give it a Try :-

Method 1: Burning your Live CD

  • Download the two parts of the Live CD .iso file (Link :
  • Combine the two segments into a single one using a specialized application “HJ Split” (Link
  • Burn the resulting .iso image onto a blank CD.
  • Reboot your computer
  • Just boot the Live CD.

Method 2: Using Virtualization

  • Download the two parts of the Live CD .iso file from the Android web page (Link Provided Above).
  • Combine the two segments into a single one using a specialized application “HJ Split”. (Link Provided Above)
  • Download and install the virtualization software. Sun Virtual Box would be excellent choice and is Free too. (Link : )
  • Download and install the CD/DVD emulator. Microsoft Virtual CD Control Panel is a good freeware for this purpose. ( Link : )
  • Mount the LiveCD image into the CD/DVD emulator.
  • Create a new virtual machine using the virtualization software.
  • Inside the virtualization software, select the virtual drive on which the LiveCD image has been mounted as the boot drive.
  • Start the virtual machine.

Voila! Explore Google Android……

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Ben Rama September 4, 2009

very interesting be good to try before i buy
android odd name

Satya November 14, 2010

Why use DVD emulation when virtualbox can directly use .iso images?