Get Email Alerts via SMS for Free [India]

The new email notification alert by Way2SMS helps you receive email alerts on your mobile through SMS without the need of GPRS.

image While traveling or away from the internet, does the thought of missing any important email bothers you? Well, one way could be to get a high-end mobile handset, subscribe to GPRS and then configure an email client on your handset for getting emails updates. What if, you get an option to get alerts of your important incoming emails on your mobile through SMS? You could try the new tool from that helps you achieve the same.

The new email notification alert by Way2SMS helps you receive email alerts on your mobile through SMS without the need of GPRS. Once you activate this service you will never be away from your Inbox.

The service works for multiple Inboxes, be it Gmail or Yahoo. You even get options to configure the alerts e.g. you may not like to receive the SMS from 8 PM to 8 AM in the morning or you may not like to receive email notifications for an email by a particular friend who sends you 10 forwarded emails in a day.


  • Login to
  • Register your mobile number
  • Verify your mobile number by entering the unique ID you will receive on your mobile through SMS
  • Create an email address on way2sms e.g [email protected]
  • Set rules in your Gmail or Yahoo account to forward all or selected emails to your unique way2sms email account
  • Create email alert notifications for your email Inbox if way2sms
  • Configure the alerts as per your time preference
  • Set rules for exceptions, if you want




  • The SMS notifications sent by the service are free of cost
  • Multiple email accounts can be configured for the service even from the same service provider (e.g Gmail)
  • You have the option to set exception rules and preferred timings for receiving SMS


  • The main service of way2sms is to provide free SMS for India. The email notification alerts through SMS is just an add on tool
  • The usability of the site is a bit shabby and you will struggle to get accustomed to it initially
  • You need to login to the service within every 14 days to re-activate the alerts
  • The registration and initial setup process is it lengthy

Said that, I still found this tool to be a good utility. Do not forget to share your experience with us.


How to forward emails from your Yahoo [India] Account?


secondLink: way2sms

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Mohit May 30, 2009

Well swati I would like to add another negative to the list..what pisses me off is a series of popups and pop-under advts while just trying to login. Moreover, I am yet to receive my 1st email alert for the gmail account that I had synced a week ago. Dunno wats th prob!

Swati June 6, 2009

It was going well for me for a while, but I too have stopped getting the alerts now… Ridiculous!

Vishal December 14, 2010

yupss.. The service also works for me for 7-10 days, but after that its not working i.e on alert even on new email arriving to inbox.

Anzal December 17, 2010

we hav to reactivate it every two weeks…!!!

Nitish April 11, 2013

Way2sms does not work anymore for numbers registered with DND. Even if it works it will be only during 9 am to 9 pm. I tried all the services out in the web but none of the free services work these days due to new regulation by TRAI. The paid service of works fine and here is a comparison done with way2sms

venkat May 31, 2009

This may be useful for email users who checks their email for long time like 2 or 3 weeks and this will be very helpful to people who registered in job sites .This service may not helpful to daily internet users or twitter users for that fact 🙂

ajayjain789 May 31, 2009

Nobody should trust Way2SMS. This has been advised by Google. This company is not trustworthy. You cannot believe even Google itself for keeping your privacy secure (this company has been a center of great criticism for its privacy policies, and has even been sued for its bad privacy related issues). No one, in one’s right mindset, would actually forward one’s emails to such an account as Way2SMS! Aren’t we already much worried about our original email service providers? Then why a new concern?

If you make an account on Way2SMS, please use it to send some general SMS’ only. If you decide to create an email account on it, don’t use it for any serious emailing. And never, ever, forward any of your main emails to this account unless you wanna hand them over in the public and say, “Here, view all my personal emails for free and enjoy!”

The writer writes: “Set rules in your Gmail or Yahoo account to forward all or selected emails to your unique way2sms email account”

There’s no such option (email forwarding) in Yahoo! mail! (The writer should have done some research before telling this to the ‘clueless’ folks. If not, why include the name of Yahoo when you don’t know about its options?) Further, Yahoo! mail offers unlimited storage space, and gmail offers a pretty decent amount as well. So even if we are somehow able to forward our emails (and put all our trust in Way2SMS), it (Way2SMS) has to offer an unlimited storage space for storing all our emails!

Mohit May 31, 2009

@ ajayjain789
I have no clue what to say about your experience but can you plz justify how can your mails be public? They are not such fools that they risk their own credibility for putting your insignificant mails in the public domain..n WHY will they do that? There must be a basis for your disappointment with way2sms and in my opinion you would have better mentioned that instead.

Deepesh Sodhi May 31, 2009

I agree with you Mohit, ajayjain789 should justify / provide proof of his detailed research he has done to enlighten us…..

I think YOU should have done a simple check yourself first… Here are the steps to set-up mail forwarding in yahoo mail…

# Login to your mail account
# Click on Options
# Click on ‘Mail Options’
# Select ‘POP&Forwarding” option
# Click on ‘Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding’ link
# Choose ‘Forwarding’ option
# Enter the email address where you want to forward the email
# Yahoo will send a verification code to the email address you provide
# Use the verification code to enable the forwarding from your yahoo account

AND, you do not need any yahoo plus account for that… it is available through a FREE to use yahoo India account.
Maybe to the best of your (post-dated) knowledge this would not have been possible on yahoo but today it is…..!

Stop making a fool of yourself dude… plz provide some constructive feedback for the readers going ahead, otherwise it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

Swati May 31, 2009

@ Deepesh Sodhi,

Thanks a lot for providing detailed steps on how to forward emails from your Yahoo account. 🙂

Referring to the points you’ve already mentioned, I have also added an UPDATE to the Post with a couple of screen shots explaining how this can be done for all those who are confused.

You seem to be pretty disappointed with the service. Plz share proper reasons for the same.

ajayjain789 May 31, 2009

The steps mentioned under [Update] are not working for everyone in India. They only work for those who’ve set up their Yahoo! mail account with a domain or for those who have Mail Plus account. For those having basic .com account, clicking on Pop & Forwarding displays the following message:

“Upgrade to Mail Plus so you can
o download your…
o forward your Yahoo! Mail to a different address”

So the update provided is not viable for everyone in India.

The other concerns remain, too.

Abhishek Jain May 31, 2009

Well, I just want to share my experience, even I got not many sms from this way2sms. I joined way2sms to test it and everything was fine for some 3 messages, then I never got any messages. I tried to figure our what went wrong and even tried re-doing everything again, but in vain I never got any messages.

@ All : You can chose from Mobee or Mytoday to get mail alerts instead, I have really good experience with them. Check this post which I blogged long ago >

@ Swati : No offense intended I just wanted to share my view also, I guess Mobee or Mytoday are far much better than this way2sms.

P.S : These both services are premium but you have a option of free service too!

Swati May 31, 2009

@Abhishek Jain,

A nice post there Abhishek. Thanks for sharing. I missed your post on DW… Will dig deeper into Mobee and MyToday and respond to your post to share my experience whenever I get a chance next.

It’s really sad if the service stopped for you after 3 messages. And as per Mohit’s comment above, he is yet to receive his first SMS alert… 😀
Well, I am waiting to see how many alerts I will get till this service gives up on me too 😀

Ramesh S June 5, 2009

Hi all,
Thanks for the info. I have registered for all the above sites and I liked Its really awesome. The website itself is very cool and am getting SMS instantly. I can even reply, and send document from Mobile. And ofcourse its free for 1 month and from next you receive only 3 Mails per day. But I am plaaning to pay them, as the cost is also very less..

Thanks every one and Thank you mobee.

Swati June 6, 2009

That’s really good to hear Ramesh…

Anzal December 17, 2010

Dats….cool….B-)…xactly wat i was looking for….(*if it was free…)

sean July 12, 2009

I reside in the UAE with indian airtel number on which i recieve messages round the clock from india.. I had registered using this number when i was in india… Continued wit the site till one day when i was shocked sombody else’s sent messages in my SENT MESSAGES list.. I then notified those numbers about whats happening… Later i deleted my account and tried registering with way2sms with the same number again… But i still havent got any password on my number

Deepak Jain July 13, 2009

You can better write a mail to way2sms support team and they will probably help you out!

sean July 13, 2009

I did mail them a couple of times but there hasn’t been any response from them..

Jay July 25, 2009

I too not getting updates now

Krishabh August 20, 2009

A very good method to avoid missing important e-mails.

I liked it!

Aparachitt September 13, 2009

This is not Working Yaar ..Hope it will work Again.

raghavendra September 23, 2009

thank u

bill October 29, 2009

well talking about security we cant trust anyone really…about credibility, we are never gonna find unless an out of a universe leak is out in public n google had a real 1 was about the cached site record remained even after it was not working ..which may lead to serious security prob if it had bugs…its just fine if you avoid dealing with ur confidential stuff on the same email n just pray n make no enemy….

nandi November 3, 2009

trick is working…….

but way2sms is very slow

Rajesh Perumal December 6, 2009

hi nice,its working……..

Gaurav Arora December 18, 2009

Way2sms doesn’t provide mail alerts for mails from orkut.

Gaurav Gupta February 5, 2010

I registered for way2sms email alerts few days back, i got alerts for 3 days, but then stopped recieving alerts at all. no idea what happened, any suggestions on what other services i can use, i dont mind paid services.

Himanshu March 22, 2010

How can i get Full E-mail and not just the Subject part in Way2sms E-mail notifications on my mobile?
Help Plz

Tanu March 25, 2010

Thanks… it is very useful to all.

Abdul Kareem June 20, 2010

hello sir… m facing problem in getting verification code… m nt getting any verification code from gmail… pls can u tell me the xact procedure to activate mail alert in gmail…

Ashwin September 2, 2010

a new site which offers email alerts on mobile phone via sms. . Do check this:

BPadhee October 5, 2010


Gunjan November 8, 2010

Muchas gracias! I was looking for gmail sms alerts, and this way2sms method seems fine. I have already setup the alerts to way2sms ID using gmail filters.

Saurav Rout December 2, 2010

Really a cool service. Liked it very very much.

vivekjain December 29, 2010

Now i m not receiving mail alerts from last 20 days. when i opened the way2sms account, a message appears… Mail alerts facility has been paused for some time..we will come back soon with upgradation soon..what is this? till when it will so..

Vinayak January 4, 2011

Now it shows:
Email alerts feature has been paused temporarily due to the up-gradations at the back end. We will come back soon with enhanced features.

vivekjain January 4, 2011

ok due to some upgradation it has been paused, but already one month has passed… how much time will it take?

Murugeshwari January 7, 2011

I have deleted my way2sms account for my mobile no 9739151580.I want to reactivate the account back.could u please help me to reactivate my account.

purushottam February 19, 2011

hello all can you help me to find confirmation mail from gmail for forwarding,what will be my way2sms id for forwarding option in gmail my (mob )or (my [email protected]) please help

johannes June 23, 2011

what to do to get e mail alerts on my cellphone from south africa?

Bharath Kumar July 17, 2011

How to create mail in I am not talking about the registration with mobile number, I am talking about creation of [email protected]

sanjay kabadi June 8, 2012

hi friends just go to google calender in calender go to settings you will find mobile set up enter your mobile no and date and save then u will received email on your phone for free

roopa June 8, 2012

Thanks sanjay its working i am receiving email on phone via sms thank you so much

abhishek June 26, 2012

@Sanjay @roopa
I did as suggested by you but I am not receiving the email on sms.
I setup my mobile no, but there was no option of setting any date, I enabled all notifications via email and sms, but i am not receiving any sms. Plz suggest.

Ferosh July 21, 2012

Create a hotmail account . Forward all your mail to hot mail. Setup hotmail SMS alert. Hotmail is more trustworthy than any of these service providers regarding the privacy policy

S Rangan September 20, 2012

@sanjay @roopa @abhishek
Unable to get to the option to have my Gmail fwded as SMS, even after going through the Calendar set-up outlined above. Would appreciate your help.

Rana Adeel October 6, 2012

Whoa! great its easy to be updated when you are offline. Will surely give it a try………
Thanks for sharing