Send and Receive SMS from Your Phone Number on Browser

I blog using a laptop in my home. That means I often move from one room to another with my laptop. Unfortunately in such cases, I always forget to carry my phone with me. It gets a little bothersome when I get an SMS and I have to move back to where I left my […]

Share Highlighted Text and Links as SMS from your Browser!

Sometimes when I am searching for a particular address online, I like saving it as a text message on my mobile phone. This is quite useful to refer back to it, while searching for that particular place in a cab or foot. Textme is one such web service which allows users to send selected text […]

How to Post your Updates to Google+ via SMS

In India, a lot of people still love using SMS to communicate which is pretty cheap. Google+ has now allowed users the option of getting notifications on their phone via SMS. The best part is that we can also share an update on Google+ by just sending out a text message (SMS). Adding and Verifying […]

Samsung Wave 533 available at just Rs. 8500!

With a declared talk-time battery of upto 14 hours, Samsung in its recent launch “Wave 533” aka “Wave 2 Pro” has used Bada as the Operating system. The phone is a slider Keyboard phone with Touchscreen feature. Let me clarify one thing here itself that Wave 533 do not support 3G network unlike mentioned on many websites including on the Web.

Send Free Unlimited SMS to USA and Canada is a new site that claims to allow users to send free SMS’s worldwide. However this service works currently only in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Alaska, PR, Hawaii. They allow text messages of 130-160 character length without any ads , unlike traditional free SMS providers. They also provide a facility to send and receive the messages online, just like you would do on your mobile phone. There is no daily limit for sending messages, however you may send only 1 SMS at a time, no group messages.

How To Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Internet?

1) Sync your mobile contacts, calendar, Tasks online What is the most important thing in a mobile phone anyone is using? Depending on your priorities, it might be the huge list of games on it, music and data for some and, for some real life romantic comedy heroes, it might be the mushy SMS sent […]

Easy tricks to make your Blog/Website look professional

These are the best | few | easy tricks to make your wordpress blog/website ‘tough’! Note: Many of the tricks below can be used on any website(marked by * | Non-wordpress as well as WordPress hosted websites) Redirection with * CO.CC as you might already know, is a free domain(actually sub-domain) registration service. Some of […]

SMS GupShup identified as India’s Twitter

SMS GupShup is creating a buzz all over and is apparently being called India’s Twitter! Webaroo’s SMS GupShup is India’s mobile group SMS service that allows users to create mobile communities and broadcast messages to them. SMS GupShup accounts for some 400 million monthly text messages, which is around 5 to 6% of the total […]