Get Orkut updates on Chrome [Video]

Orkut users must be waiting for this one. You might be like me who was wondering that Orkut is owned by Google and Chrome is a Google product so why havent we seen Chrome extensions for Orkut. The wait is over and the Orkut extension will really go a long way to make it easy. If you frequent Orkut and use Chrome, I think this extension is a must have for you.


Orkut Extension for Chrome

  • Just install the Orkut extension for Chrome and sign into your Orkut account with the extension.
  • It keeps a look out for new scraps and status updates.
  • It also has a handy drop down menu for all that you might need to look up on Orkut features like photos, scrapbook, videos, Orkut apps and much more. Click on one of them and you are taken to the page directly.
  • The extension allowed me to look up my friends directly from the browser itself and visit their page directly. I was a little disappointed as I could not search for my Communities directly.
  • I could also share a page I liked through orkut with a simple click.

Try out the extension on your Chrome browser and let me know what you think about it? I am quite happy that Orkut is moving along with new features and options which is vital for a vibrant Social networking website.

Click here to download the extension.

For a quick demonstration of how this extension works while searching for friends I made this video.