Get real time search results with Google

Google has recently made a few noises about real-time results. This is probably because Twitter is fast becoming the most dominant search engine for internet users, when it comes to real-time results.

So now we have Google Real Time results which shows webs results as they happen. πŸ™‚

How to use Google realtime?

  • Just head over to This will take you to the real-time search landing page like seen in the image above.
  • Type in the query and you will get live results which are streaming. Unfortunately most results are from Twitter. This is ironic as Google realtime is actually trying to counter the rise of Twitter, which is the rising as a search tool for real-time results.
  • Another way you can reach these realtime search results are by clicking on the left hand tab named Updates. (see image below

Google realtime results looks like a cool service but it is showing a lot of results from Twitter. I might just use Twitter search instead. πŸ˜›

Try out Google Realtime search and drop in your views through your comments.

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