Getting Windows 7 like Task Bar on Windows XP [How-to]

win7 taskbar in xp About a month ago, I installed Windows 7 on my computer and enjoyed it a lot. There are many useful features in it. I specially, loved the option to pin/unpin items from taskbar. Now, while using my windows XP PC I am feeling really uncomfortable and chaotic to see the traditional task bar of windows XP.

So, here is a simple and free utility – ViGlance for Windows XP and vista users that can change the look and feel of the taskbar of your old PC and make it similar to Windows 7. If you love tweaking your XP or vista machine or want win7 like feature on your old office PC then you can try it too! 😉

Link: Download ViGlance


Dnyanesh September 18, 2009

‘Faviconized’ was not a proper term to be used.

Deepak Jain September 20, 2009

@ Dnyanesh
Yes, it should have been ‘Iconized’ instead, but sadly I noticed that after publishing the post. 🙂