Convert PDF files to DOC,HTML and TXT format easily

pdf-file-logo-icon As you might know there are many tools which convert Microsoft documents into pdf formats and we have discussed about it before. But what about the tool which does the other way around.

Portable document format or PDF was created by Adobe systems for document exchange. This format is independent of the application software, hardware and operating system. So the PDF files will never loose its dimension unlike the DOC formats. This is where the main problem lies when converting from PDF to DOC, because the dimension of the pdf is not maintained when we copy the text from PDF file into a Document editor like MS Word.

So how do we convert a PDF file into Doc file maintaining all it’s dimensions and looks?

Smart PDF to DOC Converter is a software which does the trick here. It’s a Windows program which converts your PDF files to Microsoft Word DOC files, or to other popular formats like HTML,TXT, XLS, JPEG, RTF, TIFF etc.


PDF to DOC conversion features

  • Strict positioning mode that reproduces the original layout
  • Easy to edit mode
  • Simple text mode

PDF to HTML conversion features

  • Convert to one long HTML page
  • Convert to one HTML page with Next and Previous buttons for easier scrolling
  • Convert to multiple HTML pages for each PDF page


Download PDF to DOC converter [Direct link]

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venkat September 15, 2009

There are freewares available on internet to convert PDF to doc and other formats.

Akshay Kakkar January 24, 2010

This artcile is on the reference list on wikipedia . Click my name for the link …