Gmail Added ‘Undo’ Option for Sent Mail

“Ah! I have sent the mail which I shouldn’t have sent!” – How many of you have thought of this when you send a wrong email to a person?

Answer is most of us. Think if we could just pull back our email and be more cautious next time. Your wishes are granted as Google has just rolled out a new lab feature where we can undo the sent mail and avoid mistakes!

Undo send

Though this Undo button cant pull back the email which is already sent, but gives you some 5 seconds time to “Undo” it and then the message disappears and the mail is sent.

As all the Lab features, you will have to select it and ‘turn it on’ to function. You can do it by going to your Lab setting page of your Gmail account.

Added  by Editor: How about Gmail giving option to specify delay? 5 seconds is too small! What do you think?

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Gautam March 21, 2009

Yeah.. GMail should give interval option.

Also if the mail is sent to any gmail user, then there is no need of interval as gmail can delete any mail anytime (coz the mail is on their servers).

Bapun March 21, 2009

Great lab feature. But using Lab is slowing down the Gmail load time 🙁

Pratyush March 21, 2009

You can find the option to delay it till 10 seconds under settings.

Simran March 22, 2009

5 seconds time is enough

Aaron March 22, 2009

I agreed on Gautam’s idea. Gmail can add the “undo” option so that users may delete their sent mail until the recipients read it. But need to consider in case of having many recipients in sending one mail.

Bapun March 22, 2009

^ It takes more time here. I was using 6 lab features, but due to this load time problem, I disabled lab feature. And hopefully never gonna use it again. After all speed matters.

Abhishek Jain March 22, 2009

Well I guess 5 seconds are enough!

@ Bapun: I wonder does it take more time to load,as I myself have many lab features but never experienced any slow speed!?

Aditya March 22, 2009

Fantastic I think they are first to do that. It will be very useful. I’ll give a try asap!