Kontera’s New WordPress Plugin – Time To Experiment

Kontera, one of our favorite ad-network, recently launched a new version of their wordpress plugin.

This recent version have many enhancements which allow you to control areas on your blog where ContentLinks (in-text advertising links) get displayed.

Before how this can be used, have a look at list of few things you can do with this plugin…

  • Add the ContentLink tag to all your pages in one click
  • Determine when ContentLink ads will begin appearing on new posts- you can choose to block ads for a particular number of days
  • Display ContentLinks only on posts
  • Display ContentLinks only on comments
  • Change ContentLinks color
  • Choose to enable or disable ContentLink ads from within your post editor.

Now its time to experiment…

1. Better user experience

Features like displaying ContentLinks only on posts & comments is specially good for some bloggers who find ContentLinks in areas like header, sidebar and footer more obstructive.

There was always debate on topic that in-text advertising degrades user experience. I accept this to some extent. I personally hate such links targeting keywords in header and footer of my blog.


So if usability is something keeping you away from Kontera till now, you can join and try a new revenue stream for your blog.

2. More revenue

Be it Adsense or Kontera. All such ad-networks at advertisers end run a bidding process.

By limiting ads to post-area only you are effectively reducing supply of keywords avaible for advertisers. As supply goes down, demand increases. This may convert into higher eCPM.

I am surely gonna experiment with this. I strongly feel this will increase Kontera revenue to some extents. Even if it doesn’t increase and remains same, this is better approach as it will better the user experience.

Also if you decide to opt-in for experiement, let it run for atleast a month or two before deciding on results. Some impatient publisher run experiments like this for a day or two and count on results which are incorrect, most likely.

Thanks Mika and Vered.

Links: Kontera WordPress Plugin | Join Kontera

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7 replies on “Kontera’s New WordPress Plugin – Time To Experiment”

  1. I love this plugin when I was using Kontera ..though somehow Kontera didn’t worked out that ways for me…so I shifted back to infolinks..which was dng great for me šŸ™‚

    Though Such adverts program, any one should try on experiment basis…
    Some of them work great for few and bad for others….
    So try which one works out to be the best for u..

  2. Well, kontera is the one which never worked for me. At that time, when I dumped that, my traffic was low. You are the one whom I have seen finding success with Kontera. It has not worked well for many of the bloggers, but I am sure it works well for big networks as I see many of them use the same. These days infolinks is much popular as it accepts any low traffic site and also the earning is much better for a low traffic blog…

    1. @Harsh & Pavan
      Even I heard about infolinks and it seems interesting. Might give it a try. šŸ™‚

  3. Is kontera is Scam??

    Well i have read many articles about kontera that it is a scam but Rahul Bro is it really???

    Have you everbeen paid by it???

    Well here is the article am talking about


    1. @Alok
      I get regular payments from Kontera monthly.
      I am also a sort-of premium publisher… šŸ˜‰

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