Fetch.io – Download / Fetch Files and Stream Them Fast

Fetch.io is a service which allows downloading files from different sources at the same time and streams them fast. This allows for speeding up downloading of files.

Downloading huge files hosted at rapidshare, megaupload etc is always a hectic task. If you don’t own a premium membership on such sites then they’ll impose various restrictions on your download. They will ask you to wait, limit your downloading speed and wouldn’t even let you resume your downloads. This is why users have always looked for a file leeching / fetching service.

Fetch.io is an excellent web service that downloads such files to their server at really amazing speed and then lets you download the same file from their server at great speed and with resume support.

Features of Fetch.io

  • Support for several file hosting sites and the BitTorrent..
  • Ability to fetch files at a blazing speed.
  • Fetched file are uncompressed so that you can download,share or stream them straight away.
  • Video files are automatically encoded to suitable format for playing them on iphone/ipad and other devices.
  • Single step registration plus you’re provided with 20GB of space and 40GB of bandwidth free of cost.
  • Directory based file management with a lovely AJAX powered GUI.
  • Open API platform : if you are a developers, you would love it.

These features certainly set it apart from other similar services. I personally loved fetching torrents. 🙂

Link : Fetch IO


Rahul May 23, 2011

Thanks friend.Thats brilliant share….I was always looking for such files..Any more alternatives of such Leeching site is highly appreciated

Prashant Rohilla May 23, 2011

Awesome and Very innovative Service ! Will definitely use it sometime, thanks for the share!