Log into multiple Gmail accounts on Firefox [Video]

I am sure a many of you have Gmail accounts and if you frequent internet a lot you might have two or even Gmail accounts. Sometimes for a backup, sometimes to keep work and personal related emails separate majority of us might have two Gmail accounts. For instance I have two accounts, one was a personal one, the other I use for testing purposes, like I used it during this post. 🙂

If you have two Gmail accounts and need to use them often it can be a bit of a bother considering when you sign-in with one account you cannot sign into the another account on the same browser. Rahul Bansal did write about it previously on how to go about using different profiles on firefox at the same time.

Recently I used another method by using a Firefox add on for using two Gmail accounts at the same time. For using this add-on you need to have Greasemonkey installed on your Firefox browser. If you are using Windows with Firefox you can install Greasemonkey from here.

If you need a complete guide to installing Greasemonkey on Firefox click here.

Google Account Multiple Login

  • Gmail Multi User Login works only after you have installed Greasemonkey.
  • Download the add-on by clicking here.
  • The add-on is installed and you can use Gmail multi user login. 😉
  • Once this add-on is installed on Firefox it replaces the Sign-Out link to the right hand top corner of your Gmail account with a drop which allows you to log into another Gmail account.

Here is a video of how the Add-on works.

Go ahead and try it out and let me know what you think about this add-on through your comments.


Gopi January 22, 2010

I)this add-on is cool. we can also login to multiple accounts in two different browsers like one in IE and other in mozilla. Perhaps, Installing an add-on Which could also hurt your browser’s speed..

II) If you are using Chrome to browse you can log in multiple accounts ie… one in the normal window and other one in the incognito window(this works)…

Aditya Kane January 23, 2010

Ive been using this add-on never had any speed issues. Also with this i dont need two tabs or windows of the same browser open. Can move between diff accounts for the page itself. Hence I prefer using Greasemonkey script.

palPalani January 23, 2010

My friend warned about privacy issues, using third party scripts. is this true?

Aditya Kane January 23, 2010

The script I have covered has even featured on lifehackerz along with many other places. This one is quite a popular one and I am not aware of any privacy issues with this add-on. Yes it is not safe to download any 3rd party scripts. Try to stick with the ones whch have been reviewed positively. 😉

Pubudu Kodikara January 25, 2010

Very useful video! as a user with multiple gmail account… this will be really useful for me 😀 earlier i used multiple web browsers to do this! 😀

Ramkumar January 26, 2010

Cool trick , I know this is possible in Chrome by using the normal and the cognito mode, Never knew this cud be done in firefox, I use Flock browser for opening another account.

hopeful May 21, 2010

sometimes, not usually, this add on works on my macbook pro with firefox. however, usually, when i go to change user (gmail accounts), i get the following error message:

We’re sorry. It seems there is a problem. Please try using Gmail with a supported browser. If you’re encountering this error while using a supported browser, we suggest alerting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that a proxy is failing to accept cookies on HTTP redirects.

it is explicitly related to cookies, as i have to clear the cookies before I can even get gmail to reload to log in again…

any solutions?

fras October 20, 2010

Works great for email, but not for google Documents, and probably the other links as well such as Photos. You have to “change user” whenever you want to see the other account’s documents.

Sticking with multi-browser option for now…

Aditya Kane October 21, 2010

good point, Maybe if I come across a new Script for all google services I will surely share it here.