[Video] Enable SmartLabels on your Gmail Account

While last week when some Gmail users could not view their emails for over 40 hours there were questions raised on their ability to provide good and reliable cloud services. Despite such issues, I still find Gmail as a better email service than Hotmail or Yahoo. One reason is because we can create filters and label certain similar emails based on Subject and email sender.

Google has announced a lab feature called SmartLabel which quickly creates a notification label and applies it to emails automatically.

SmartLabels in Gmail Labs

  • Just look up under settings and click on Labs.
  • In GMail Labs, search for ‘SmartLabels’ and you will be shown the smart labels feature. Enable it and save the changes.
  • Once SmartLabels is enabled, similar emails are automatically sorted out and you can find them under a new label called notification.

Here is a short video on how to go about it:

This is a nice improvement for users who are not using Filters. I have an alternate Gmail account which does get a few updates from subscriptions and also get some personal mail. Because I do not use this account everyday, I was lazy enough to not take time and create filters on this account. I found SmartLabels a better alternative.

Do drop in your comments and views.

Source: Gmail Blog