Gmail in Offline Mode Returns as a Chrome App

My favourite feature with Gmail was its Offline mode. With Google Gears, it allowed people to compose and draft emails from the browser even if the user was offline and not connected to the internet. This was useful to people who connected online for a limited time or if they did not have very good connectivity.

As Google dropped support for Google Gears, Gmail in Offline mode was also not available with Chrome browser. Thankfully Offline Google Mail App for Chrome browser solves the problem.


How to Use Gmail in Offline Mode

  • Install the Offline App on your Chrome browser from here.
  • Start using Gmail in offline mode. It allows searching, editing mails along with composing emails.
  • Once connected to the net, it will download all your email and also send all outgoing emails.

Do try out Gmail Offline App if you are a Chrome user and drop in your comments.

Link: Offline Google Mail Chrome App