Gmail simplifies video, audio and group chatting

Gmail has recently made some changes to the way people use chat on it. One reason why people like using Gmail chat is because there is no need for separate messenger and also we can use video and audio chat. We can also have a conference with more than 2 online contacts.

What was not convenient about it was that all these options were hidden inside these chat windows and let’s face it that is not really the best way to make users happy.

So now Gmail chat has three simple button like option with every chat window open with a contact. This makes it more easy and streamlined.

As you can see in the image above chatting options are simplified by camera, phone and add person icon which were not present before. This change will probably make it easier for Gmail users to use these feature more often than they do.

Gmail recently has been aggressively upgrading many features and adding new ones like drag and drop attachments along with Google Maps being previewed with Gmail. Gmail chat still does not have the option of sending files to users and I wonder when that feature will be made available.

Do you use Gmail as your primary email? What are your favorite features of Gmail? Do drop in your comments with your views.

Link: Gmail Blog