Search for Old Tweets and Facebook Updates with Social Searching

Have your ever wondered about a Facebook conversation or tweet you shared on Twitter, many months ago? I sometimes do wish I could look up old updates and tweets. Searching for the link of a status update of mine or a friends from months ago is easier said than done. With Twitter, it does not […]

Use Official Twitter Address Bar Search for Firefox 4

Twitter has released a new Firefox add-on which will help people use Twitter as the default search engine on their Firefox 4 browser. Most people have Google or Bing as the default search engine with their Firefox browser. Users can download Twitter Address Bar Search add-on, and it works with latest version of Firefox for […]

5 Reasons Why Google’s +1 Button Will Eventually Fail!

Google has launched the +1 Button with a lot of noise about how it will make discovering new content a little more social. Google has made an unsuccessful foray into the social sphere with Google Buzz. It had no impact and now we have Google +1 buttons which act as a vote of confidence by […]

3D Globe shows Google Search Volumes by Language!

Google has introduced a new Chrome experiment, which visually represents Google’s search volume by language from across the world. The globe is a lot like Google earth, and runs on Google Chrome. The globe uses the computer hardware for creating the 3D graphics. Interesting trends from Search Globe! India seems to have a lot of […]

Find Feeds with Search Engine for RSS – ctrlQ

As a blogger, to look up latest news on tech subjects is quite easy. Most times a simple search on Google can get you started. Also tech blogs almost always make it easy for people to subscribe or follow their blog with RSS feeds. But when it comes to certain topics like, lets say World […]