Google Acquires Popular Web Based Messenger Meebo

Meebo is a web based chat client which allows users to chat online in a single place from various different accounts like ICQ, Google, MSN and more. Meebo saw a great deal of popularity for people tired of lack of compatibility between traditional instant messengers.

Meebo lately has also, created a web-based toolbar which allows users to share web pages across different websites.

According to Meebo, they reach approximately half of US population. This is what has in all probability caught the attention of Google.

Meebo has announced that it is now a part of Google.

What will happen to Meebo?

As usual, after a buyout most times things are a little uncertain about the continuity of a company’s product. It will be interesting to see in the future if Meebo retains its compatibility with Facebook, especially given that Facebook and Google+ are competitors.

Another factor is Meebo also has a web based advertising platform, which be rolled into Google AdSense.

What are your views on Meebo being a part of Google now? Do drop in your comments.


Jatin Kapadia June 5, 2012

Sounds interesting but only if they integrate with other IMs and their very own Google Messenger and Google Talk

KRISHNA June 7, 2012

They are going to be owners of WWW