Infographic on Gender Balance on Social Networking Websites!

Social networking websites always attract different type of users. For instance a professional is more likely to have a profile on Linked In than say Pinterest which might be attracting a younger crowd.

But what about numbers based on gender. Are there more men or women on social networks across the world.

This infographic shows the gender balances across several of the popular social networking or social bookmarking websites.

On the balance, it seems about 99 million more female visitors are there than male across all social networking sites.

The infographic also shows that the social networks where more female participation takes place tend to be more mobile phone based.

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Source: Information is Beautiful

One Comment

Mohit June 3, 2012

Given figures made us understand two things:-

A. Female are more prone to look at the sites of social networking for amusement and latest happenings in friends circle. Evident from the Website niche like Pinterest, class-mates and it is obvious since they are more sensitive towards the relation.

B. Whereas the Male counterparts maintain a bit of balance in terms of usage of social networking for amusement. As is evident from the websites they mostly visit like reddit, friendfeed. The male counterparts are more prone to use the social networking for amusement plus networking for professional advantages.