Google to shut down Meebo and here are some alternatives

Popular instant messaging service Meebo to be shutdown by Google by July 11th. As you know, Meebo was aquired by Google a few days back, and now they announce that they’ll be shutting down most of Meebo services, except the Meebo bar. Google has been doing this lately, shutting down Picnik and other not so popular Google services, to concentrate more on Google+.

Here are a few services you can try out if you miss the Meebo messenger. All these messengers work have web clients, just like Meebo does.

Google Acquires Popular Web Based Messenger Meebo

Meebo is a web based chat client which allows users to chat online in a single place from various different accounts like ICQ, Google, MSN and more. Meebo saw a great deal of popularity for people tired of lack of compatibility between traditional instant messengers. Meebo lately has also, created a web-based toolbar which allows […]

Use Official Desktop Messenger from Facebook for Windows!

I like staying logged into Facebook on one tab of my browser, so I can chat with my friends on it. Thanks to the option of disallowing people from certain lists to see you online, it is perfect ( thought chatting service itself is far from perfect on Facebook) . Facebook has released a new […]

[Online Tool] Chat Anonymously on Any Webpage with Chattp

Since I started blogging, I have been forced to think about online privacy. One reason is that bloggers or for that matter anyone who works online, ends up in contact with a lot of people who they do not really know as people. Mostly we can work around this problem, but sometimes there needs to […]