Google adds local search feature

Twitter went local or rather it has tried to show local trends which I felt was a great way to get the dirt on what is happening locally. Well we could not expect Google to sit idly and look at other website steal the thunder when it comes to local search. So now we have a search option with Google called Nearby.

Google “Nearby” Results

  • When you carry out a search on Google clicking on ‘Show Options‘ lets you choose and filter the search results.
  • Here you will see the opting to click on ‘Nearby‘ and it gives you localized results.
  • This is quite useful as it does not really rely on social networks to give local results.
  • This feature is not available as yet with and I think its only available for North America.
  • In the image above I looked up the word university. Clicking on nearby got me results taking my location as New York which is what I put in.

Overall I think this is meant for people searching for information locally like looking up places of interest. So what do you think about so much emphasis websites are laying on going local. Do you think it is viable or actually useful? Do you think other than maps and road directions you would actually want to search for local results? Do drop in your comments.

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Sourish | How To Start A Blog March 8, 2010

This is a nice new feature and would come handy while searching for local content , maybe like buying goods . Best when i look for gaming rigs near kolkata ..