Find Best Domain name With 10 Domain name Generator Sites

Domain name is the most important step that plays the crucial role in making a successful website. It is just the simple mirror that reflects the theme of our website in a single word. This single word should be able to explain what our website is all about.

Domain name selection is having such a great importance, that many website administrators or professionals will take a special care in selecting a name for their website by considering it as a most serious issue. Despite of having the tremendous importance, many onlinev websites as well as different softwares have been evolved which are helping us a bit to solve this problem.

The simple thing that we need to do with these applications is just give it the keywords about the type of website that you are going to launch.  They will use the algorithm and other tools to display the list of combinations available. So that we can select. Now-a-days few of the websites were providing the thesaurus option.

Here is my list of Top 10 Domain name generator websites:

  1. Bust a Name
  2. Picky Domains
  3. Nameboy
  4. Make Words
  5. Self SEO
  6. Domain Exposer
  7. Snap It Now
  8. Domain Fellow
  9. Domain Generator
  10. 123finder

Bust A Name : Its one of the best domain naming website. You can search for your preferred Domain name or else you can use the online tool to create a new one by filling the preferences.

In order to create the new combinations, you need to follow 4 steps as shown in the above picture. Thus it defines the available Domain names based on the user-defined keywords. IT shows the real time availability of domain names.

Picky Domains : Picky Domain defines itself as a RISK free domain naming service. If you are willing to generate great, easily memorable, easy to pronounce domain name that which reflects the what you website is all about. They will charge 50$ for domain search, if you are unhappy with the results then you will get full refund. Its been one of the best Domain naming generator website.

Nameboy : Nameboy is the most intelligent and best online Domain name generator tool website. With this we can generate a new domain name, search for existing domain names, domain name lookups.

Give it the primary and secondary keywords, then specify whether you are willing to use the hyphen or not in your Domain name and search. It will display the entire list of combinations.

Make Words : This is a brainstorming tool that help us to find most unique available domain names. You can search results based on Random Domain name generator, keyword list, Dictionary domains, synonyms. Its the smart intelligent domain naming workshop tool that displays the results in a very short time. You can also create domain names in various languages.

Self SEO : It combines various SEO tools, internet tools and other tools in one place by helping the webmaster to build a successful website. This is a expert tool that which generates a list of  misspellings for the given domain name. Its quiet useful to catchup your customers if your domain name is misspelled.

Domain Exposer : This tool is required for you to find the domain names. This one just gives you the unique options as well as usable options. Give your prescribed keywords, then you have to select from their list with many adjectives, nouns, computer terms etc that which gives you the available output.

Snap It Now : Its a domain name generator and cheap domain registration. This is one of the best domain naming tool that through which you can find the killer domain names. Its available with many of the options like categories, insert, hyphen and even the ability to only the available domain names.

Domain Fellow : It provides the services like domain name generation, creation and query services. It combines the keywords given by you with prefixes and suffixes and generates the list of available domain names.

Domain Generator : This gives you the tips and advices on how to choose the domain names. It is also loaded with generator, keyword checker which results in the cool sounding words and many more loaded features.

123finder : You are allowed to search and browse for your prescribed domain name from the database by length, thesaurus and also other tools. It provides the thesaurus that which helps you to find the meanings of the new words that might help you to improve the standard of your domain name.

Do let us know if you believe we missed any major domain name generator website?


Tushar March 1, 2010

Thanks Sidduz.
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sidduz March 1, 2010

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Suhas March 1, 2010

check out .. i really liked it
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sidduz March 1, 2010

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Suhasini March 1, 2010

Nice article though you missed out many tools here.

sidduz March 4, 2010

Thnx a lot. Will try to include the missed tools in my future articles.

Nick March 2, 2010

Very nice. I also think there was this which has a good suggestion tool for domain too.

sidduz March 3, 2010

Thnx a lot. and also Thnx for your suggestion 🙂

K.G. Miller March 9, 2010

You might want to give a try – uses artificial intelligence to make hundreds of (hopefully good) creative domain names from a couple keywords.

sidduz March 19, 2010

Ty for your suggestion 🙂

zco corporation June 4, 2010

Nice article, even though you missed out few tools here.Anyway thanks for sharing to all.

Jamus McKenna September 16, 2010


Excellent list and improvement on the “usual” 10 that has been going on forever.

Keep up the good work!


rick April 6, 2011

Nice tools. Very helpful for me. Thanks

Dave April 17, 2011

great suggestion. I never knew most of these domain name tools. thanks Siddartha..