Google AdSense 1:1 Exchange Rate Issue

Just noticed on my AdSense Payment History Page, that recent check is issued with crazy exchange rate of 1:1!

After visiting AdSense help Google group, I have noticed that many publishers, mostly from India are facing same problem. This particular message is receipt of AdSense team being aware of the problem. So all I can say, do not get panic!

The other question remains whether you will get a small check in local currency at exchange rate of 1:1 or is it just problem with web-interface?

If you are an experienced AdSense publisher, then you must have noticed that every Payment Details page shows “Payment Number”, which is in this case is blank. So I think payments are already processed correctly and soon web-interface will show accurate information.

Anyway, if you get check at exchange rate of 1:1, I am sure difference will be credited back to our account for sure automatically by Google AdSense team.

Point of writing is, do not get panic and do not flood already busy AdSense team with support requests related to the issue. They are working on this (proof).

Just in case, you need follow-up, keep watching this thread.

Update: Just received this response from Google AdSense Team. (Sep 27)


We’re writing to let you know that your AdSense account is displaying an incorrect exchange rate for your most recent AdSense payment issued on September 23, 2008. While the exchange rate is incorrectly listed as 1:1, please rest assured that your payment has been issued with the correct exchange rate. You can expect your check to arrive according to the normal delivery time, within two to four weeks.

If you normally receive communication from us in a language other than English, we will provide additional information in your preferred language next week.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


The Google AdSense Team

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Manpreet Singh September 26, 2008

This problem is just in web interface, Paypal still has it 🙂 But payment is always processed correctly

Rahul Bansal September 26, 2008

@Manpreet Singh
What do you mean by “Paypal still has it…”?
Google AdSense don’t send payment via paypal I guess.

Manpreet Singh September 26, 2008

I mean tosat that the web calculator is not the real one..Even the paypal calculator has the problems (taking 1:1 ratio for dollar and rupee)..But when you receive it in bank account the ratio is actual..Just that..No offences..:)And Google does payout by check only..

Rahul Bansal September 26, 2008

Got it… 🙂
For once, I thought Google started sending payment via paypal! :O
Something like that will never happen as Google’s baby checkout will not like that.

Manpreet Singh September 26, 2008

ok 🙂 But the secret thing is that corporate houses have free choice to opt either a check or EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer)..though we are ot lucky enough 😛

Rahul Bansal September 26, 2008

Yep, I guess you are right. Otherwise one of top-blogger must have posted about this till now. 🙂

Manpreet Singh September 26, 2008

Originally Posted By Rahul Bansal@Manpreet
Yep, I guess you are right. Otherwise one of top-blogger must have posted about this till now. 🙂

yes but we have just wrote about it at devilsworkshop i comments 🙂

Rahul Bansal September 26, 2008

@Manpreet Singh – Lolz 😀
Devils Workshop is miles away from being a top blog! 🙂

Manpreet Singh September 26, 2008

ya miles are not important..Its that we are following the day it will be covered 🙂

deepakjain.hacker September 27, 2008

@Manpreet Singh – hmm.. If this is the way Rahul keeps replying us than Devilsworkshop will surely be among the top blogs 😛

Rahul Bansal September 27, 2008

@deepakjain.hacker – I never had any issues replying to comments. I just want people to use appropriate comment from or forum.
But everybody want to contact by email and out of each 100 emails I get daily, 60-70 of them have common questions. 🙁

Deepak September 27, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – I didn’t mean that.. 🙁 I supposed to say that if you reply to queries so quickly than it may attract more nd more visitors 🙂

shyjal September 27, 2008

Your site is informative but having pagerank 0??

Rahul Bansal September 27, 2008

I guess you checked pagerank of this page. This is just published so it will take some time before this get some raking.
Check pagerank of homepage. Its 4. 🙂

Sure. You are right. By the way replying to comment is first important thing according to me! 🙂

Abhishek September 28, 2008

thanks for there clarification mail!!
Though i have no clearing this month !! but this was really weird specially when $1= 46+

Rahul Bansal October 1, 2008

Yep. It was shocking for me too!
BTW some people rejoiced thinking Indian currency got so strong that its $1 = 1 INR. 😉

Jayakumar July 20, 2009

It is giving you unwanted problems and it should be corrected by Google adsense team.