Interactive Timeline of Google History

During last few weeks, many blogs posted about Google’s 10th official anniversary. Surprisingly, Google did very little to mark an event, compared to the enthusiasm they usually show for not-so-big events.

May be its debate on Google’s actual anniversary date, or may be Google, as usual, decided to do it differently by keeping entire event low profile.

Technically was registered on September 15, 1997 (whois data). Many Googlers posted nice articles as part of 10th anniversary celebration. But thing I liked most, is interactive timeline of Google history.

Google fan will surely love this time travel. Also for those who are lazy enough to read best book on Google history, The Google Story, can take this tour. Of course, it doesn’t have drama that book unfolds but still an experience to remember! Thanks Dion Almaer. 🙂

Link: Start Time Travel of Google History


Deepak September 27, 2008

Want ‘The Google History’ in .pdf
Can anyone please provide me the link??

Gaurav September 28, 2008

Rahul actually we should all thank Google for making our lives so simple 😛

Rahul Bansal October 1, 2008

Google it. 😉
You may find an answer.

Yep. A million thanks to Google! 🙂