Send & receive SMS from your PC: MobiTexter

An Android App which enables you to send, receive and view text messages on your Android device from your desktop browser. That is exactly what MobiTexter app is all about. The App basically synchronizes the Contacts and SMS to your existing Gmail account and give you complete control from your PC.

MobiTexter is completely free (even without ads)and the message gets delivered instantly so you do not have to worry about any delivery reports.

How it works:

  • Download and Install MobiTexter from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Launch MobiTexter on your device and register your Gmail account.
  • Once registered login to to send receive or view your text messages

The App is very simple to use and install. The web interface on the desktop can be further improved though. For example if you delete a message from your desktop, it does not get deleted on your Android phone.

If you find MobiTexter useful, then you might also like MightyText, an Android app with also supports desktop notifications when SMS is received.

Link: MobiTexter