Google Browser Sync – Get YOUR Firefox From Anywhere In The World!

One of the oldest firefox extension I am using from long time is Google’s browser sync. If you access internet from multiple location like home, college, office, etc, you can install this firefox extension at all places.

Once installed it keeps synchronizing your firefox bookmarks, history, saved passwords, cookies & session (i.e. tabs & windows).

Google Browser Sync Settings-2.jpg

Do not worry much about security. The extension itself is protected by your Google account login and password plus a 4-digit PIN. Also sensitive data like cookies and password are by default encrypted.

The extension is free as like most Google services. If you have large number of bookmarks you may notice slight delay at first synchronization, but after that it works like a charm! 🙂

Additionally, if you have a dual-boot machine with any OS combination you can use this extension to sync firefox in every OS. Although on dual-boot machine there is slightly geekish way to do this which also sync installed add-ons, greasemonkey scripts and anything else which this extension skips.

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The Dude Dean May 10, 2008

I will have to give this ext a test drive. I really need something like this.

Pavan Kumar May 10, 2008

Its a very nice addon. But till now, I did not face any such circumstances that I access internet from different access points… I look for it when needed… Thanks for the info.

Sameer May 10, 2008

This extension wont be useful for me, as in college the comp i will be using is not the same every time. But I have tried portable firefox, which is cool n you can take it in pen drive with you. And that will work even when firefox is not installed on the computer..

Rahul Bansal May 13, 2008

Sorry all for late reply… 🙁

I am sure, you will like it… 🙂

Its always good to know about possibilities anyway. All I can say, lucky you. I wish all my online life to be centralized as much as possible… 🙂

Thats a good approach either… 🙂
I posted about firefox and few other portable apps here