Foxmarks – Best Extension To Synchronise Firefox Bookmarks!

Foxmarks - Synchronize firefox bookmarks.jpg Two days back, I reviewed Google browser sync, a firefox extension to synchronize bookmarks, history, saved passwords, cookies & session. Now you must be wondering why I am reviewing another extension which sounds similar. Although sounds similar foxmarks is essential if you use bookmarking heavily.

There is a problem with Google browser syncs’ bookmark synchronization. I have noticed that if I delete some bookmarks, they get added again from server in next synchronization. I have a temporary bookmark folder which I use for bookmarking articles which I want to read later. I keep cleaning such temporary bookmarks whenever their purpose get served.

Foxmarks clearly win battle here and records all changes to bookmarks without any error, so I depend heavily on it. Plus foxmarks give web-based access to all bookmarks. Even though Google have a bookmarking service, it doesn’t show bookmark synchronized via browser sync extension.

Also foxmarks offers some more features…

  • you can use own server to store bookmark if you concern about privacy
  • you can force overwrite either copy server or local
  • logging feature
  • sharing your bookmarks via feeds (available from web-based foxmarks)

Here is screenshot of web-based foxmarks panel - web based foxmarks-1.jpg

Links: Foxmarks | Download Firefox

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Praveen May 12, 2008

I have been using Foxmarks for quite sometime, but I dont understand how to use the following feature:

sharing your bookmarks via feeds (available from web-based foxmarks)

Rahul Bansal May 13, 2008

Sharing a folder makes it visible to all. You get a link for shared folders which you can share with friend… 🙂
If you need a demo let me know. I will post about it separately…

Johnson May 13, 2008

One of the best Firefox extension as ive been using this from last 2 years for synchronizing my office and home pc bookmarks !

it even helped me when i switched my job 😉

PS : hey Rahul i think you made a spelling mistake in the title of this post as it is spelled Extension not Extenion as you have written 🙁 correct tat man !

Rahul Bansal May 13, 2008

Thanks for edit buddy… 🙂