Google releases desktop-style Chrome Apps and Launcher for Mac

Chrome apps which run out of the browser and launcher are now available for Mac.

The Chrome team at Google always does ambitious and interesting things. Be it the SPDY protocol, or Dart language or the recent Chrome apps which run outside the browser.

If you’re on Windows, you probably did try the Chrome launcher. Now it’s available for Mac OS X.

Chrome Apps launcher

The launcher contains shortcuts to Chrome apps which you have installed. As you click an app icon, it’ll be opened in a separate window (app icon shows up in the dock).

You can also search your browser history and bookmarks via the launcher.

Chrome Webstore is updated with a new category called ‘For your Desktop‘ – which lists all the Chrome apps that run out of browser. The category includes some great ones like Any.Do, Google Keep, Wunderlist and more.

I use Google Keep on Android and web. The Chrome app is a good improvement over the web app, as it brings offline support, and runs in its own window.

Apparently Chrome apps have a long way to go, to reach the level of native apps. But nevertheless, it’s a nice opportunity for web developers.

To try the new Chrome apps and Launcher on your Mac, update/download Chrome.