Twitter updates its Mac app, brings image previews and refined design

Twitter for Mac gets image previews, updated iconography, redesigned profile pages and more.

While Twitter frequently updates its Android and iPhone apps, that’s not the case with the Mac app. Back in the year, it got updated when everyone thought it’ll be discontinued.

A few days back, they brought another update to the app, making it more inline with design of their Mobile apps.

Twitter for Mac

The stand out feature is, the Mac app will now show image previews, i.e. you don’t have to click the links to view images. This is obviously a very basic feature which the app has missed. Don’t want images filling your timeline? You can turn it off in settings.

Next up, is a more refined design for Twitter profiles, tweet details page and so on.

You can now see the cover image (or whatever it is called) on profiles page and it looks much better overall. Tweet details page now show all the mentions (not previously), retweets, favourites a tweet has got.

Update includes other small things like refined iconography.

The best part of the app is that, no features are taken out. It’s the same iconic Mac app designed by Loren Britcher. The scrolling and transitions are just as smooth as before.

Twitter for Mac still does not have every single feature power users expect. And that’s why Tweetbot exists. For example, the Mac doesn’t sync timeline position with Mobile apps. Tweetbot does it perfectly.

Personally, I still love and use Twitter for Mac, that might change if Tweetbot comes to Android (highly unlikely).

Link: Twitter for Mac