Google Docs adds Discussions feature: Works like a ticketing system!

Use Google Docs and its discussion feature which allows sending and receiving notifications about a discussion on a document. This can be also used like a ticketing system for a collaborative team.

Google_docs_logoWhen it comes to using a word processor, I do not even have MS Office on my laptop. I only use Google Docs, if I ever want to create documents. One reason why I like Google Docs so much, is that I can share these documents with my colleagues. It also allows me to chat with them on the side, and see them typing or making changes live. This makes Google Docs one heck of a collaborative tool.  Well now things are getting better with a new feature on called “Discussions”. 🙂

What does Discussions bring to Google Docs?

  • Firstly, Discussion can be inserted in the documents and we can notify anyone someone about it through email. See image below on how the discussion can be started. While you are looking up a document, click on the new Discussion tab on the top right.


  • Just type in @username, and most times the email id will auto-populate. Now an email notification is sent to the person you have started a discussion.
  • The person you are collaborating with can reply to your discussion via email or even on the document, if you are sharing it with that person.
  • This is truly collaborative in a way, because it allows discussions to be “Resolved” instead of being deleted. This means we can use Discussions like a ticketing system.
  • For example, if I am stuck with something on a document, I can raise the ticket for my colleague to resolve it through Discussions. (see image below)


Here is a video created by Google, to showcase Discussions on Google Docs.

Do try out Discussion in Google Docs, and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Google Docs

Source: Google Blog

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