[Rumor] Google Drive Expected Offer 5 GB Free Space!

Google Drive has been talked about for quite a while now. As a keen follower of tech blogs, I have atleast been hearing about it and some expected features for almost 2 years now. Last week some rumors circulated, that Google would be launching a cloud storage service in April. They would be offering 1 GB free for all users who sign up.

But those rumors seem to be more relevant with screen-shots spilling out about the new service. The one below is from Talk Android.

The interesting part of this screenshot is that Google Drive will offer 5GB space free. Dropbox which Google Drive will compete against offers 2 GB free for every new sign up. The service is also supposed to go live in the second week of April 2012.

Why Google Needs to Get into Cloud Sync?

One might argue that Google is losing focus yet again with another new product. But I think Google absolutely needs a good service to synchronize and store data for users. With several million tablets and phones running on the Android platform, it would make it imperative for Google to offer their users a service to sync their data across different devices.

At the moment I am quite happy with Dropbox, but I wont shy away from trying out Google Drive when it goes live.

What are your views on Google Drive’s imminent release? Do drop in your comments.

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