Indian Hockey Team Love Apple iPads More Than Cash!

Apple has its legions of fanboys who seem to love a gadgets, only if it has a Apple logo on it. It seems that the entire Indian Hockey team are diehard Apple fanboys. The hockey players have actually demanded iPads instead of cash prizes.

According to a report in The Hindu, the Hockey India has announced a plan to gift each player a cash prize of INR 1,00,0000 were told by the player they would prefer less cash and an Apple iPad instead. This prize was being given because the team qualified to play in the London Olympics to be held later this year. Hockey India is now making sure to give the players both the cash prize and the additional iPad.

Why iPad?

The primary reason behind the hockey players insisting on iPads and not other tablets, might be because their coach is a die-hard Apple fan. It also shows a growing influence of iPad as a brand in the tablet niche. It seems that iPad is becoming synonymous with tablet computers, just like Google has become for search engines.

Professional sports teams all over the world are often seen with their laptops looking up analysis. I guess in the post-PC world, these laptops will make way for tablets and even here iPad seems to be leading the pack.

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