Search for Scheduled Public Google+ Hangouts!

Google+ might not have made a big dent in the social media niche but it has a popular feature in Hangouts. Hangouts allow small groups to conduct video chat online. There are many Hangouts which are very informative and it would be great to catch up on a few. is a website that is like a search service and directory for public Hangouts.

For instance I searched for WordPress related hangouts and straight away I got a link to a public Hangout.

A lot of users also tend to schedule public Hangout sessions and add them to the website’s directory. To schedule a Hangout session on the directory, users need to use their Google ID to sign in. I guess this is insurance against spammers who might schedule fake Hangouts.

Users can even search on Google+ for current Hangouts which are happening. But there is not option to schedule Hangouts.

Try out GPHangouts and drop in your comments.

Link: GPHangouts