Google invites hackers to find flaw for a cash reward!

Do you like to spend time finding hacks and workarounds when it comes to online security? Then Google is looking for you. šŸ˜› Google has announced a program where they are inviting people to find vulnerabilities or security flaws with some of their online services. If you find a bug you are assured of a $500 prize. In case it is a severe flaw that is detected then the highest prize money can go up to $3133.7.

Features of Google’s program

  • Google has made it clear that only Google, YouTube, Blogger and Orkut can be used by experts to find security flaws.
  • Other services like Picassa, Android and Google Desktop are not in the scope for hackers to claim the bounty.
  • Just a point of note, that people looking to find security flaws should use their own Google accounts or test accounts but never other peoples accounts either. This is illegal and can invite more than a few troubles. šŸ˜›

If you find the vulnerability the Google will give you credit at this page. At the same page you can also go about reporting a bug or flaw that you have come across.

For more details look up Google Only Security page.

One Comment

Amit November 4, 2010

There is another guideline – you can’t post about the security bug on a blog or forum.