Neembuu Uploader: An Open-Source Batch Uploader Application for File Sharing Sites

I have been an hard core Linux user and was searching for a better open source application which uploads files present in my Laptop. I found this application very handy and it’s look, feel, performance along with speed are seriously mind-blowing. It has been developed by Vigneshwaran.

Neembuu Uploader is a batch uploader application that lets you upload your files just by right clicking on them and simultaneously to multiple file hosts and manage download links and delete URLs.

The latest v2.0 supports,,,, and You can upload files to your personal HotFile account.

You’ll just have to provide your account details once and simply drag and drop any number of files over the Neembuu Uploader window and begin uploading.

Some handy features of Neembuu Uploader

  • We can drag and drop files into the uploader.
  • Users can set a maximum number of simultaneous upload.
  • Manages uploaded files history along with providing links to delete the uploaded files.
  • Best feature is that it works on all platforms.

When you open Neembuu Uploader for the first time, it’ll ask you for your account details. It lets you upload your files right into your account. If you don’t have an account, then ignore it. It won’t ask again unless you click the “Accounts” button later. You can also disable your account at any time.

In the above ubuntu screenshot, I had dragged and dropped a file and uploaded into my Hotfile account. If I check my Hotfiles account in my browser, my file is there. 🙂

This feature is dependent on your system login. So even while executing the same Neembuu Uploader, your uploads will go into your account and someone else has their  uploads will go into a different account.

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Links: Neembuu Uploader


vicky November 6, 2010

really good info dude. thank you for the post.

Bivash November 7, 2010

when i connect my samsung s3310 mobile in ubuntu 10.10 it can’t find my phone modem. I can’t connect internet by my phone, please help me…

Email ID- [email protected]

Vigneshwaran September 2, 2011

Version 2.3 is the latest..