The unique marketing strategy for Apple’s tablet

In a few hours Apple will probably talk about its Tablet and the internet will be abuzz with pictures and detailed views on how it could or could not be the next big thing to change the world. But considering Apple’s usual viral marketing for its product before its launch the so called Apple tablet has had nothing. No real confirmed leaked photos and no exclusives either. Just plain stonewalled nothing.

This seems to be a very different sort of marketing strategy used by Apple. Just imagine at no point has Apple talked about introducing the tablet. A few months ago they even outright refused that such a product existed. But they have not repeated the refusals and hence you can assume safely that the tablet exists.


The next rumors coming out were that Apple’s tablet will be called iSlate or even might be called iPad. Then rumors of talks with Harper Collins which meant it was taking on Amazon’s Kindle.

All these rumors are being hardly backed by Apple. The strategy is so unique but effective that now a few hours before it’s introduction I can see a continuous stream of links popping up every few seconds on Google. (How to look up Google search results to the second?)

With internet reviews popping up nearly by the second, trending twitter topics being updated by the second almost since the past couple of week and ofcourse any television news channel doing an exclusive at what to expect from Apple’s Tablet. It is one of the most anticipated product launch and has received unprecedented attention and awareness. All this has been done by Apple without spending a single dollar. They have done this simply by saying no such product exists and then stopped denying it. 🙂

Do you think this sort of strategy works or is Apple really pushing the boundary on the saying that ‘less is more’. 😉


Yogesh Mankani January 27, 2010

Well, after so many hype over Apple Tablet, still I think that they are not going to launch Apple Tablet tomorrow. But its my view of point..Let’s hope for the best.

Aditya Kane January 28, 2010

Yogesh they did launch it after all. But I am not it is their best. 😉

vivek jain January 27, 2010

iPAD it is. Officially announced.

Technologian January 28, 2010

I thought they are just going to introduce the Apple Tablet tomorrow… And it will be on the market by end of this quarter… I just learned also that they are still collaborating with FOX’s hit show 24… Of course it will be shown in the CTU on the next episodes of 24 Season 8…