Google offered to buy Twitter for $2.5-$4 Billion

According to Yahoo Finance, Google made an offer to Twitter for about $2.5 billion. Twitter I guess did not like it much and decided against it. Well this makes sense as Google can manage to make money out of Twitter and its search facility. Bing which is a Microsoft product has tied up with Facebook to create something called ‘Social Search‘.

Apart from the initial hype over it, I have not met anyone who has really found Social Search all that useful.

Microsoft too is interested!

There are also reports the Twitter was made an another offer for about $4 billion. That might mean, Microsoft might be offering them. Twitter against decided against it. I guess Microsoft wants to make sure Google does not own Twitter and vice-versa.

Well if I do let my imagination run riot and think that Google made it’s decision to buy Twitter based on our post, Twitter should thank us for starting off a bidding frenzy for them. 😉

Jokes apart I do feel that at some point of time Twitter will be acquired unless its current owners manage to monetize and bring in a profit with Twitter. What are your views? Will Google manage to acquire Twitter?

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Vivek November 25, 2010

Your 500th post Aditya. And am glad you mentioned one of the most remarkable observations (” just apply the concept of Page Ranks to Twitter profiles and Adwords to Tweet links and you have a winning model for revenues” ) out of the 500 posts you wrote.

This Weekend’s first toast would be for this milestone. 🙂

Aditya Kane November 25, 2010

Cheers! Mate

Umarfaruk M November 25, 2010

if google buy twitter! than google is the master of the internet!

Aditya Kane November 27, 2010

I think Google is already the master of the internet. Twitter will just be a nice addition if it ever buys Twitter.

Gourav @ BlogLiving November 25, 2010

A smart and interesting 500th Post. Congrats buddy !!!!

Aditya Kane November 27, 2010


Shradha Rao November 25, 2010

500th Aditya!! Congrats!! Its a great read!! To the next 500!!

Radhe November 26, 2010

Congrats Aditya
Toast Indeed 🙂

Aditya Kane November 27, 2010

THanks Radhe, a toast indeed.

Sheena November 26, 2010

@aditya gr8 post

huzaifa November 26, 2010

Congrats for completing 500 post 🙂

Tapan November 26, 2010

Congratulations Aditya for writing 500 posts successfully on DW.
You are a true Devil.

Aditya Kane November 27, 2010

@Sheena @Huzaifa @shradha @Tapan : Thankyou for your wishes… Cheers!

KK November 27, 2010

Great post! And yes, IT IS SOMETHING if you started the bidding frenzy, a 0.05% commission off the transaction would still be more than enough 🙂 I think Google deserve the bid, Microsoft just bought part of facebook but really didn’t do anything with it, kind of like the story of the poor man who had God rather make his neighbours poor than make him rich and give double of his wealth to his rich neighbours. Google would take Twitter to where facebook couldn’t get.

Aditya Kane November 27, 2010

I think Microsoft had doled out some cash but they are not necessarily part owners for Facebook. I agree with you that Google can really take Twitter places.