Google Scribe: Let Google be your Keyboard!

It has been 4 years since I have been living in Pune, but I am still pretty unaware about the bus routes the city has. Out of need, I asked a friend today, which Bus should I board to reach Koregaon Park (an area in Pune) and I was not amazed when he said “Google it!”. Everywhere we see, its Google which rules the Information World today, however Google has not limited itself to boundaries of technology. It has started programs which are much beyond the technical World and hence we see an example of a Lab feature it has been working on. The name is “Google Scribe”.

DW scribe1

Let Google type for you!

Google Scribe helps you type by providing you real-time text completion service. It provides you suggestions for words, phrases and even complete sentences based on common findings and popularity. The Google Chrome extension for Scribe enables almost every text field including the email compose box to subscribe automatically to the service. However, the extension options lets you complete modify any setting based on your preferences.

DW scribe2

Personal Advice: Enable the third option – “Enable Space for choosing suggestion” as pressing the Enter and Tab keys to select a Scribe suggested word would not be comfortable typing for you.

Links: Google Scribe playfield

Google Scribe Chrome Extension

One Comment

Navneet January 5, 2011

i just started type Hello it suggest me some words….

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