Two software to find and download album art easily

This article is not to claim that you don’t know anything about Album Art or how to download it using Internet. Album Art is an embedded picture of the CD/DVD cover alongwith the tag information of the music track.
After trying the things personally, it was not an easy experience to embed Album art. So, I will be discussing about two software which will make the entire process easy.

How To Open Windows Media Player in Mini Mode Automatically [Tutorial]

Majority of Windows users use Windows Media Player as their default player to play audio/video files, not because it comes as with Windows but because it has so many options and customizations which other media players don’t have. For instance, WMP has an option which allows you to run media player in the mini mode […]

How to get your YouTube account ready for auto captions?

YouTube comes up with a lot of innovation from editing your videos online to watching television shows online. Recently YouTube announced recently that all the videos they have will have automatic closed captions enabled. The feature is available with many videos but not all. Apparently YouTube will take a little bit of time to give […]

Ever wondered about “autorun.inf” file in CDs/Pen Drives!

While opening some optical drives (CDs) or pen drives you might have noticed that they contain autorun.inf file in it. Some people assume that it is some Virus/Malware which might infect their computer. But actually autorun.inf is just a script for invoking any event when some CD or Pen Drive is Inserted in PC. This […]

Special virus scanner for USB devices

You would think why I am writing such bogus topic, there are many anti virus program available over the internet still why what made me write about it.. Aren’t you thinking that?? Actually I am using this USB scanner – USB Disk Security since long. But few days back when I recommended this anti virus […]