Google Search Appliance 6.0: Searching billions of scattered docs made easy!


What good is any information if you can’t seem to find it at the right time? With billions of documents floating around, it’s always been a challenge for various organizations (big or small) across the globe to figure out ways to navigate through complex systems. After years of hard work trying to meet this challenge, Google announced the launch of their latest version of the Google Search Appliance, GSA 6.0 today.

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a fast, relevant search for any website or intranet, with the capacity to search billions of documents. Even if the content is scattered around in different departments, locations, continents, formats and languages, GSA can still make searching simple by providing a unified set of results to the end-user.

Google’s enterprise search engineer explains this with an example:

“Imagine there is a database that might “live” in Egypt, some documents in a data center in Sydney, and a fileshare whose homebase is Los Angeles. The new GSA 6.0 integration can handle searching through all those data stores and give the employee who is looking a simple page of search results – one that looks as easy to use as – even though the backend search is really complicated.”


  • Dynamic Scalability – Scale to thousands, millions, even billions of documents – all without disrupting existing GSAs
  • GSA-to-GSA Unification – Link multiple GSAs, separated across departments or geographies to provide a unified set of results
  • GB-9009 – New product model that searches up to 30 million documents
  • GB-7007 – Enhanced architecture now supports search for 500,000 to 10 million documents (3X the power of the GB-1001)
  • Fine tune relevancy – Ranking Framework, Node Biasing, and Collection Biasing
  • Customizable security, enabling early binding and late binding
  • Social search features, including ‘User Added Results’
  • User-centric innovations such as Query Suggestions
  • Enhanced search quality with improved precision

For your website:

With this new feature, you could convert your website visitors into satisfied customers by delivering the information they need to facilitate purchase decisions, streamline support, and engage fully with your online brand.

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GSA is a safer, higher-quality, more customizable enterprise search that can save tons of hours spent looking for data, letting you focus on the actual work that needs to be done.

Link: GSA 6.0