Google Talk Emotions!

As of now GoogleTalk is gaining lots of attention! And I found many people wondering about emotions GoogleTalk supports! While GoogleTalk does not support gif images as emotions like yahoo or msn.

Instead GoogleTalk makes animate emotions as they are with bold-blue color formatting. As many people like this kinda emotions, I tried to found other emotions which GoogleTalk supports (or better say animates).

Here is list… (updated after ashwins comment)

Key Combination

It’s a monkey!

Rock out.

If u can figure out more or find any of the above not working, please feel free to comment!


Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

thanks for nice link! Actually I gotta know about it from different places! Link given by you is better… 🙂

Mark May 5, 2008

you forgot satan

Rahul Bansal May 5, 2008

Yeah you are right…
Thanks for update 🙂

Aditya July 16, 2010

i also want to add the cat :3