Updates: Orkut is on ur Time!

Long time back me n Vijay tried to make a greasemonkey script which will show orkut in local time. That means if it worked successfully u could see scraps, community posts in local time n not in PST Timezone which orkut is was following! Well such script was there on userscripts.org but stopped working after orkuts last big code change around August 2007.

So am I giving u that script today? Well if u think so then u have not noticed that orkut has made this change alongwith new video integration in orkut! So u can see scraps, community posts all in ur time! Now u will get to know ur friends birthday at midnight!

This is already done for everyone. If u r accidentally or purposefully changed ur country on orkuts settings page, then all u need to do select ur right country!

Well I don’t think this will make any difference to most of the people as punctuality is rare quality now-a-dayz!

Happy Orkutting!