Google Transit – Get Pune Bus Routes on Google Maps

I grew up in Mumbai, and when I moved to Pune, India for a job, the first thing that troubled me was that figuring out public transport in the city. I was like any newcomer, who finds it very difficult to navigate around the city without real first hand knowledge of the roads around.

I guess with Google Maps we are better equipped to atleast have some idea of places which are new. Recently Google announced that it has added all bus routes in Pune to Google Maps.


Image above is my route from home to rtCamp office in Pune.

Google Transit Features

  • Many might be familiar about Google Maps showing how to get from Place A to Place B. With Google Transit the idea is to show this information assuming you will be taking public transport, like the metro or bus routes.
  • In India Google Transit has covered the Delhi Metro, Kolkata Metro, Bangalore Bus Routes (BMTC) and Chennai MRTS.
  • This makes it quite easy to look up public transport option for people visiting the cities or even for locals who might be unaware of certain routes.

I guess this is one more way we are soon going to become very dependent on Google. What are your thoughts? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Transit | Delhi Metro | Kolkata Metro | Bangalore Bus Routes | Chennai MRTS.


Ankit Das January 3, 2011

Hmm… My problem became a new topic today!!

Aditya Kane January 3, 2011

Lol, you were stuck somewhere were you?

Ankit Das January 4, 2011

Well was stuck exactly in finding an actual bus route to my office! 😉

santosh January 4, 2011

thats great with google map

vijay patil January 30, 2011

My thought : What exactly other cities in India (including BEST in Mumbai) waiting for? Pune and Bangalore has shown that it is very straight forward process of creating a database of schedule and submitted it to Google in GTFS (files in csv format).
We all know that we do not want to spend our valuable time of our life in traffic jams, we need good public transportation system. Google maps trip planner is one important step in that direction.
If you are living in any other major city of India, please shown this google maps application to local govt. and transportation agency and help them submit the data to google, then this application will start working for your city too.
This could be a nice project for you, who knows you may get a job at Google !

Aditya Kane January 31, 2011

thanks, that a great idea from you to land up at Google! 😀

Ankit Das January 31, 2011

Vijay, I have been using the already pathetic Bus System in Pune and found out that its much helpful to use even than Google Transit which exactly tells me which bus routes to follow.

umesh jawalikar August 29, 2012

there is a really big problem while searching trekking trails to forts in maharashtra. CAN GOOGLE GIVE HIGH CLARITY OF MAP ONLY FOR FORTS IN MAHARASHTRA.WE ALL Trekking fans WILL BE THANKFUL TO YOU GOOGLE TEAM..

Aditya Kane August 29, 2012

@Umesh: I am not sure about trekking trails in India, but you might like to use to help build Google build better maps as a community.