Google TV goes live and has a social layer with Twitter

Google TV was announced earlier this year during the Google Developer IO conference. Not many details were out then but Google has recently showcased some interesting apps with Google TV.

There are two ways at the moment one can avail of Google TV. One is to get a standalone smart TV or the other is a separate box to use with the current TV.

Google TV has social layer with Twitter

Google has recently announced that it will enable Twitter to be accessed on Google TV. I guess it would be an ideal way to watch TV and get feedback on movies or shows before you see them. I guess its to early to say but I think having a Facebook app on Google TV might be a better idea than Twitter.


Why Google TV is a great idea?

I guess with the rise of YouTube, Google has realized that in about 10 years from now a major part of Television might end up being broadcast over the internet. Thus Google having a platform like Google TV powered by their experience with cloud could be a major revenue earner for Google.

At the moment you we might not have the option of getting Google TV in India, but you might want to check out the video below which showcases its apps.

So what do you think? Will you be signing up for Google TV? Do drop in your comments and views.

Link: Google TV